Ced & Isa

Lovers for 14 years, newlyweds, in the thirties, we are friendly and full of energy ;-)

As we grew up in Brussels and worked respectively in the sector of IT and development cooperation, we have had a glimpse of the prospects of an urban lifestyle and of a professional world where the policy of “always more” and permanent competition reign supreme.

Curious to understand the world which we live in and to meet some of their inhabitants, we also took some time to travel and work abroad. We had the chance to discover a part of Latin America (www.icamerica.be) and Africa, appreciating realities different from the one in which we grew up.

Thanks to those experiences, we learned that a rural lifestyle is more conducive to well-being for us, allowing us to behave accordingly to our convictions. In the library, you'll find some press articles about our project.

Happy reading,
Cédric and Isabelle FRANÇOYS – DE BRABANDERE

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