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"ICway", Isabelle and Cédric’s way (that’s us!). ICway, it is our manner of seeing things and our will to do them our way, respecting our ethical and environmental convictions. In a few words, our bet is to succeed in reducing our social impact and our carbon footprint, while increasing our well-being.

This website is dedicated to the presentation of our project, of the actual steps taken since 2010 and of the first farm products (sale of olive oil).

Here, we also place at everyone’s disposal resources presented in the form of useful notes or articles. These are the fruit of our searches, thoughts and experiences concerning different topics (responsible action, building your own home, using of renewable energies, soil regeneration).

Do you want to take part in our projects from your home or visiting us in Spain?
Your help is welcome. Please, contact us!

Happy discovery and, let’s hope, see you soon,
Ced & Isa

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