The project in brief

Search for a place to live

(July 2010 - November 2010)
1 month preparation (purchase of a van)
3 months camping in our Ford Transit van on Spanish roads
4 months of various administrative formalities

First fittings

(January 2011 – April 2011)
Installation of our tent, a table and a dresser : 2 days
Building a shed for tools and materials : 8 days
Building a bridge to reach the land with a vehicle : 7 days
Preparation for building the house : 3 months

Restoring the biological activity of the land

Short-term objective: to respect the cycle of the soils
1 - To maintain the soil and start a garden
2 - To consume the products of our land (or those of the neighbours)
3 - To use a compost toilet and to compost food waste
4 - To enrich soils with vegetable mould coming from the compost heap

Self-building of our house

(May 2011 - October 2011)
Preparation of the building area, foundations, subgrade, subfoundations and the floor: 58 days
Walls: wooden structure, straw bales and mortar (GREB): 46 days
Roof: frame and cover (insulation, water-imperviousness, ballast): 23 days
The joinery: 8 days
Lime plasters: 12 days

Facilities for heating

Building of a shed, to protect logs from rain.
Use of a stove (with an oven to cook): thanks to the excellent straw-bale insulation, we only consume one or two logs per day..

Facilities for electricity

  • Photovoltaic panel 230 Wp
  • Open lead battery 250 Ah
  • MPPT regulator, to protect the battery and charge it under 14V
  • Distribution panel, to connect the battery to the electrical circuits of the house (with fuses adapted to each circuit)
  • For lighting, 12V - 4,8W lamps of 80 LED smd (2700°K / 400 lumens / angle of 150°)

Facilities for running water

Collect water either from the spring located 80m from the house or from the river (depending on where there is water)
Use of a sand and charcoal filter, and storing water in a 500 litre tank (temporary)
Pumping water to a 400 litre water-tower
Distribution of water inside the house: 1 sink, 1 wash-basin and 1 shower

Farm produce

Take care of the 150 olive trees we inherited on the land (production of oil)
Start a vegetable garden restoring the life of the soil
Collect seasonal fruits (almonds, figs, blackberries, ...) and plant new trees
Make conserves and marmelades (on the picture : orange)

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