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Let’s be clear, our project is spread over the equivalent of several lives. Unless we are more likely to get our hands dirty… You have understood, we are very happy to receive help from those who find themselves in the spirit of our Welcome Charter.

Remotely, you can help us:
  • with tips or technical skills that could help us
  • translating our useful notes in Spanish or English, or improving and correcting our translations

If you want to come to our place of life, we don't expect any specific skills of visitors (even for building), just your good will and the desire to share.

To give you an idea of the next activities:
In the garden, through the seasons, there is something for every taste: watering, planting vegetables, harvesting almonds or olives, planting or pruning trees, clearing brush, moistening the composts,…
For the buildings : second house, geodesic dome, bread oven, enclosures for animals, spiral of aromatic herbs, …

Please, contact us telling when you would like to come. Of course, we will send you practical indications on the basis of the means of transport you plan to use.
And for the most resourceful, here is a map of Yegen ;-)

And if you do hesitate, just know that almost all those who have already come here come back.

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